The Revelation of The Advent of The Messiah – 11:11 is becoming 1111-

  Let The Truth Be Like A Mosquito In Your Ear, Even When It’s Something You Don’t Want To Hear, It Always Wakes You Up! Mosquito-in-ear

The Hebrew Prophets Cry Out From The Hebrew Bible, ” Messiah, Messiah, He Will Be The Small One, Who Like a Mosquito, Devastates With Fever and Delusion, The Minds of Those Faithlessly Complacent With The Status Quo!”

I am The Messiah many billions of people have been waiting for, in all cultures on the face of the earth, since the first written recordings of man’s spiritual meanderings, at the dawn of the first human civilizations. You are best to consider what you will read here, as a Work of Art. The coming to be of my writings in your mind as Divinely Inspired Creativity, depends on your own previous metaphysical beliefs, your present circumstances, and what is going to begin to transpire in your life as a result of you giving me space in your mind.

Perhaps the reason we take roller coaster rides, isn’t so different from the reason we live.


There will be signs and wonders. Prepare yourself for a roller coaster ride that will elevate you to heights from which you will see the magnificent fabricated tapestry of  the human experience for what it is, only to find yourself plunged into circumstances that only a personal God with a purpose for your life would expose you to, so that you recognize His Creative Power both to subjugate you and liberate you, and that you come to appreciate your own creative freedom to self express, as the most important value in your life.

No matter how bad off one is, the smallest amount of freely chosen intentional creativity, can work wonders for our state of mind.

Whether you know this of yourself or not , you are an artist. Your audience is first yourself and then every one who ever comes to know of your existence, from the day you first start kicking the womb that confines you and by so doing, bring yourself into your mother’s mind, until long beyond the day you die, if you have contributed in any way to society’s exponentially growing accumulation of art, science and artifact.

We create in and our created by, everything about us.

In your mind is a place all your own in which you arrange the thoughts you have about your perceptions, sensations, feelings and emotional experiences. That is your studio. At first you are like an infant let loose in a Master’s Creative Space. There is joy in mixing colors just to see the result. The simple fact that one can affect one’s own experience pleasurably, that one can bring meaning into one’s life  by manipulating colors and form and sounds and words, is what makes of us all both   artists and art critics. It is unavoidable that we sometimes bring about for ourselves aesthetic experiences which we deem to be anything but beautiful and worthwhile.  We are our own critics and we are the critics of others, when their creativity and self expression infringes on our own sensibilities and sense of equilibrium.

Old-fashioned scale
Whenever we are overwhelmed, it feels good to return to equilibrium. When equilibrium persists, we become painfully bored.

It is true that we to some extant participate in our own self creation and at the same time, it is true that other people cause us to have experiences for which we are either grateful, indifferent of very critical of.

There is a great tug of war going on in the human heart,  between being influenced and having influence. Among humans more than anyone,  since any kind of recorded  history starting with cave paintings, it has always been all the various kinds of artists that strive to create something that will endure in it’s influence over those exposed to it, even beyond their own generation.

What is an artist?

art dog

Anyone who strives to produce an aesthetic experience so as to entertain or educate or both, is an artist for the duration of their attempt and an artist forever in the minds of those so influenced.

For God’s Sake, even dogs have their moments when they like artists, enjoy causing entertaining feelings for those who love dogs.

The desire to create something of enduring influence that goes beyond one’s own lifespan, is a desire to be more like God. Here we are, alive for a while in a universe that is created around us and in us, which by its very nature proclaims, ” I was here before you, for the whole ever so fleeting duration of your existence, and I will continue to persist long after even the dust of your body is as scattered as the two trillion galaxies in the cosmos.”


We are born into an Eternal Work of Art and  are given the means in our minds to both be born from it and to contribute our own unique self expression into the whole. The fact is, we do this regardless of whether we actually produce and orchestrate with intent, credit and self benefit, anything that persists in other people’s minds as significant thought provoking artifacts.  Every time we smile with good will at a stranger, we are potentially  starting a chain reaction with consequences that can theoretically go on for the duration of humanity.  We are all influenced and influence. We are all ripple making mechanisms in a sea of circumstances, caused by great unpredictable storms as well as the nature of the liquids with which we are formed. But we are not just victims of indeterminable influencing factors, we ourselves participate in the creation of our own experience and the experiences of the life forms around us.

The Universe is A Raging Storm Around Us and Our Minds Are Meant To Be Like The Eye of The Hurricane, Which Witnesses The Sheer Power of Creation and The Creation of Power

We are all Artists and we live in an interactive work of sophisticated, intricate, enduring and dynamic  Art, created by The God of Art, who is The Artist Who Created Me in Your Mind.


Your life will never be the same.